segunda-feira, 25 de julho de 2011

Christmas and solidarity

Hi Santa,
I'm writing because it's Christmas and I have some wishes...
There are some children that don't have a home, don't have food or even love. We are used to having our parents right where you need them but some children don't have that luck.
Hunger is another problem nowadays. Many people live on the street with nothing to wear, and nothing to eat. I don't think people understand how hard it is to live without money or food. Some people pass by these people on the street and pretend they don't see them, but the truth is that if they were on the street begging for food... I don't think they wanted to be invisible.
I don't think presents are the most important at Christmas. Just being with your family on such a special day is already a big gift, but not everyone can have it. Some children spend their Christmas without their family.
So, I'm writing because these are my Christmas wishes, and I want them to come true.
Love from,

Ana Catarina Roque ,8ºB

Dear Santa Claus,
As a result of this economic crisis, I don´t want any presents. But there is one thing that you can do for me: you could give a happy Christmas to everyone in the world because there are people who have no Christmas and that is very sad.
If you could give that to me, it would be the best Christmas, not just for me, but for everyone in the world.
I’m really concerned about the world situation: there are environmental problems, poverty, homelessness… They are so many that I can’t enumerate them all. This planet and the people who live in it are in such bad shape, and I wish that you could do something to stop this.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy 2011.
Love from,

Gonçalo Guerra, 8ºB

Dear Santa Claus,
Thanks for one more Christmas. Now that I’m not a child any more, I would like to share some of my worries and dreams with you..
I used to think that every child was happy at Christmas time because you had the power to make their wishes come true. Sadly, when I look around I realize that Christmas is not for everyone. .Poverty, war and injustice are stronger than you, so you can’t always spread the magic of Christmas equally.
I know you do your best to make children happy and I dream that one day there will be joy in every child’s face, because they will always be waiting for you.
I’m grateful for all you have given me.
Thanks for listening to me!

Catarina Oliveira , 8ºB

Without Football the world would be a less interesting place

Everybody likes football and watches the games. The fans wear scarves and flags to support the players.

I don’t like football and when people say: “Without football the world would be less interesting”, I don’t agree. There are a lot of sports, like tennis, basketball, among others, which are also important. However, I think football is the most important sport in the world because it’s very simple to play and everyone can play it. In my opinion, girls can also play football. Of course, it’s a sport for everybody.

I don’t support any team, but sometimes I watch the matches of the Portuguese team on TV. In some matches there is, unfortunately, some violence between the fans because one team wins and the other loses.

Inês Pereira, 8ºB


For me, football doesn’t play an important role in my life. I don’t agree with the above statement, because I think there are more important things than football. I think that sometimes the matches are really boring, too.
It doesn’t matter if you love or hate it, the fact is that football is one of the most popular games all over the world, especially because the rules are simple, you don’t need any expensive equipment and it’s a team game, which makes it very exciting.
I usually support Benfica, because my family is fan of this team, too. I always support my country, Portugal, in all important matches.
Sometimes, in football matches, there are some problems too. Supporters often feel angry about the result or the referee’s decision, and in the stadium there is violence and destruction.
I think that football can be played by women, too. In my opinion, women can have fun with this sport, and sometimes play even better than men!

Catarina Oliveira, 8º B

The Function of Fashion

“My philosophy has always been to help men and women feel
comfortable and confident through the clothes they wear”.
(Giorgio Armani)
I agree with Giorgio Armani’s point of view: In my opinion, everyone should wear what they like and what suits them. It’s important to feel good about the way you dress. You shouldn’t wear clothes that you really don’t like just because they are fashionable.
Everyone is influenced by celebs. Celebs have an important role in some people’s life. They try to copy their idols’ style and they become obsessed with fashion.
When you are out of control, you just spend, spend, spend . You waste money on things that you really don’t need. You become a shopaholic or a fashion victim. These people are obsessed and they can’t stop buying new things, and normally they become in debt. In my opinion, you should try to be consumer-wise, being careful with your choices and knowing exactly what you need and what you don’t need.
In schools, if you don’t have fashionable or branded clothes, other people will make fun of you. I don’t think it’s correct, because some teens’ parents can’t afford those expensive clothes. You shouldn’t be discriminated just because you wear clothes without a logo.
In my opinion, everyone should choose what they really like and have their own personality and their own style. You should be yourself!

Catarina Oliveira, 8º B

My future

In ten years’ time I’ll be 23. This is what I predict: it’s unlikely that I’ll get married before then. I’ll probably live with my parents or in some other place .According to my future ambitions I hope I’ll be a doctor in ten years’ time. Perhaps I’ll work in a big hospital, doing what I like.
I don’t think I’ll be rich, but that’s not my priority. I hope I’ll have my own money and live a good life, with my friends and family.
I hope I’ll have some free time to travel, to play my violin and to continue with my Scouts project.

Catarina Oliveira, 8º B

Little Red Riding Hood had a mobile phone

Once upon a time little red riding hood received a computer from her grandmother, and she was very happy. She also received a mobile phone. She discovered a very interesting thing called “Facebook”, where she could meet people just with a click of her mouse. A month later she had already made a lot of new friends, but there was a very special one…
They made an appointment by mobile phone, and she was very excited. But after that day nothing would ever be the same. When she discovered that her friend was the wolf, it was too late because he had kidnapped her and she thought that it was the end. However, she suddenly saw her grandmother with a team of marines, who caught the wolf.
Her grandmother explained that the wolf was being searched for in lots of countries and without little red riding hood’s mistake they could never have caught him.
She thanked little red riding hood and gave her advice, telling her to be more careful in the future.
And … they lived happily ever after.

Luís Silva, 10ºA

TRUE LOVE by Isaac Asimov

By writing a science-fiction love story, Isaac Asimov wanted to do much more than entertain.
From my point of view, this short-story reminds us that love is not based on physical characteristics but on each one’s personality. Sometimes we forget it and when we are not instantly attracted by someone we don’t even consider that that person might be “the one”.
Passion, a “physical feeling” is related to the outlook, but love goes beyond those boundaries. It is built from special moments lived between the lovers and based on mutual respect and kinship.
We can find this message in Asimov’s story when Milton tries to look for his ideal girl according to certain characteristics and, when he meets the perfect ones, he doesn’t feel any touch or true love.
Love is a very unique feeling which cannot be forced and it entails much more than matching data banks.

Ana Lé, 10º B